Virginia state code leaving the scene of an accident

According to the Virginia Act, ยง 46.2-894, “the duty of a motor vehicle to prevent the avoidance, etc., is due to the fuss of the fate of injury or death or damage to the assets used; the punishment”

Virginia Law for Charges and Execution Fees

According to the Virginia government,

1. The driver must escape the twist of the fate scene. The Virginia country is calling for it
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Driving to prevent and stand in the scene of an accident, while ensuring that visitors to the site are not impeded.

2. If the victim needs medical treatment, the driver should help them with their treatment.

3. The driving force has reported the legal responsibility of its documents and documents, the number of driving licenses, and the coping of vehicle types with law enforcement or police officers in Virginia or the driver who has been injured.

4. In incident situations in which their driving force is exposed to physical harm from the complexity of their fate, the propulsion force can be registered with the police or the state police to prevent the occurrence of the incident. As soon as the force is sufficient enough, they must track the authorities to identify the individual or the driving force or target audience.

If the unwanted assets are eliminated, the motor force must attempt to neutralize the owner of the asset. If the force is not able to find the owner of the license, it will endanger all communication truths. In addition, the force should go to the police station and record a record since the 24-hour incident.

Make no mistake leaving the scene of the incident

In Virginia, if a driver in a car accident happens, screw and screw the scene into fate, they commit an illegal crime. The driving force is vulnerable to life, offers any assistance and offers the applicable facts, with the help of the government, regulation regulations. Regarding the Virginia regulations, it is possible to “hit and run” sharp movements in opposition to drivers, regardless of the purpose of the incident. Virginia’s law will be responsive both to passengers and to the motive force. Even if there is a passenger with propulsion, the passenger can worry about it and is therefore being treated.

Punishment and commitment to success and execution of crime, depending on:

I. Are you driving or traveling?
Second, is the vehicle unattended or unattended?
iii. It is expected that the materials belonging to it are more or more than a certain amount,
iv Damage or death.

According to the conditions, the Virginia kingdom has criminal or accused prices to those who are concerned about the costs of being hit and executed. The defendant can be punished for paying high quality, imprisonment, official driving license and loss of all driving privileges.