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Sexual crimes are a critical criminal offense with very severe consequences. If you are convicted of sexual crimes within the Commonwealth of Virginia, you are likely to face severe fines and consequences, which include a lot of time in jail. You will also have to stay in the Virginia Sexual Offender Sexual Violence Criminal for several years and for a long time. This approach, which even after paying your fine and your prison sentence, the terrible consequences of your conviction will probably see you for the rest of your life.

Our law enforcement experts who are the primary defense for defending individuals who are exposed to serious criminal offenses, with crimes such as rape, violence and sexual assault and sexual assault. As former Virginia prosecutors, Casey and Lisa simply know how extreme and devastating the effects can be while you are accused of a crime related to crime. They also find that while you are accused of having committed a crime, one way too many individuals and groups are rushing to make short judgments about their own sin.


If you are charged with any kind of sex crime, you need activate criminal aid. Without a crew of skilled legal professionals with the aid of your face, you can lose your recognition and your freedom. For over many years, Sri’s Law Firm has stood up for the rights of Virginians accused of committing intercourse crimes.

We recognize the stress, frustration and devastation a intercourse crime accusation will have on you and your own family. We are prepared to paintings quick to alleviate those feelings and assist you in creating a sturdy defense. Our protection attorneys at Sri’s Law Firm are distinctly qualified, experienced and informed. To discover extra approximately how our team of trained experts will let you, touch us soon at considered one of our four places: Hampton, Gloucester, Williamsburg and Chesapeake.


Fighting a sexual attack rate calls for that you are looking for prison assistance immediately. A conviction for a sexual crime can affect every issue of your lifestyles. Your personal and expert lives may additionally suffer, and you can have trouble obtaining employment.

Additionally, beneath are the felony penalties for numerous intercourse crimes in Virginia —

Sexual Battery — If convicted of the crime of sexual battery, you withstand three hundred and sixty five days in prison and/or up to $2,500 in fines.

Aggravated Sexual Battery — Aggravated sexual battery takes place when a person engages in illegal sexual contact with some other person via pressure, coercion or whilst the use of a weapon. The penalty for a conviction for this offense is one to twenty years in prison and no more than $a hundred,000 in fines.

Rape — Rape is the most critical sort of sexual crime. Without an skilled and aggressive lawyer by way of your side, you could face lifestyles in prison.

Statutory Rape — In the state of Virginia, sexual intercourse with a toddler underneath the age of 13 includes a 5-yr prison sentence.

At Sri’s Law Firm, our tenacious group of lawyers can determine your case, create a strong crook protection and assist you stay out of jail.