Shenandoah Virginia Protective Orders Laws

In Shenandoah Virginia, Protective laws are imposed on the violence of rules. These orders are imposed by the judge if someone abuses you and injured you, your family or sexually assault you etc. In this case, the court will issue the order to provide you protection.

Types Of Protective Laws Orders:

In Virginia, there are three kinds of protective orders laws that can help you and your family in case of domestic violence.

  1. Emergency Protective Order:

Expires at the end of the third day (72 hours) following publication or the next day court is in the session.

  1. Preliminary Protective Order:

Expires up to 15 days or until a full hearing is conducted.

  1. Final Protective Order:

It can last up to two years or can be extended by depending on the situation

How These Protective Orders Help You In Your Life?

These protective orders laws are really helpful for you if you are facing this type of situation in your life that can destroy it. This order will help you in following ways.

  • The court will issue an order to the abuser that they do not contact you by phone or any other source. If it goes against the court’s order the person will be punished
  • Court also order a respondent to leave the home that you have been shared with each other.
  • Issue you the children custody.
  • Strictly ask the respondent that they have to pay the support to your child and you.
  • The court will issue an order to respondent that they have to pay costs that may include the medical or dental treatment, home bills, earnings loss or the expenses of moving
  • It can order the respondent to pay lawyer’s fees and pay the money for damages that an abuser done in your home
  • According to court order, the abuser will receive domestic violence counseling or tell they may need to go to get appraised or go to NA or AA

How To Get Protection By These Protective Orders In Our Life?

In Shenandoah Virginia, the abused person can file the petition in court. The court will decide how to protect you and give you full Protection. This is not permanent but these order will publics on the recommended date that is given by the court. Both you and your abuser must be there. The police department has the documents and your abuser knows the hearing date.

What Do You Need To Know About Protective Order?

The protective order can only be enforced when the respondent gets the copy of order against him or her. Once the court will issue the order against any person the order will record into the database of the enforcement. All the information about the order is available in the law enforcement. If the respondent will not stop to abuse any person then the court can make any serious charge against him.

What Is The Resources?

There are three basic resources of protective order laws that are as follow.

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline.
  • List of Local Police Departments.
  • Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline.