Reckless Driving Petersburg Virginia Points

On Surface it seems like careless driving and reckless driving are two sides of same picture. But in reality they are not the same, and according to experts, reckless driving is a more offensive act than that of the careless driving. Around the globe, one of the most offensive act is reckless driving. Now this includes every country and state of the world, including United States of America and then Virginia as well. States do have strict laws and actions against this act, but the laws of Virginia are even stricter about reckless driving. Often reckless driving is defined as operating any vehicle on a road in a dangerous manner which can harm any other person or the property, it may also include over speeding, drunk driving, or overloaded automobile. But according to Virginia’s law about reckless driving, it is a mixture of violation a laws which will include 10 to 20 laws. Reckless driving is actually a misdemeanor crime. In Virginia’s general law about reckless driving, which comes under section code 46.2-852, it states that any person found guilty for driving recklessly and putting the life, limb or property in danger will be charged for reckless driving, regardless the speed limit allowed on that road.

According to Virginia’s law there is a specific punishment for reckless driving. The person found guilty for such crime can be sentenced a fine of $2500 or the jail for one year or the suspension of the driving license. But as mentioned above, Virginia has stricter laws and as well as their punishments. All other states gives 2 Demerit points while remains there in the driving record of that person for at least three years but when it comes to Virginia, the driver will get six points in his/her driving record and these points will last for at least eleven years. Which will affect the driving record in future as well, as if the driver happened to face such issue again in life, he will get more punishment than the mentioned one as he/she has already been accused of this crime.

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