Reckless Driving Hanover Virginia Penalty

Those who are accused of reckless driving in Hanover Virginia face charges of a class 1 misdemeanor, which is considered one of the most serious crimes.  If a person is convicted of reckless driving, it becomes necessary to spend time in imprisonment. Especially in the case when you are found with previous ticketed offenses. Being charged of reckless driving in Hanover Virginia penalty, one has to pay fine as a part of imprisonment, as well as the suspension of driving license. When you are accused of such serious crime make it necessary to consult Hanover Virginia lawyer to safe oneself from harsh penalties.

Reckless Driving in Hanover Virginia Penalties

An accused person can face imprisonment for up to 12 months with a fine of up to $2,500. The convicted offenders with good capabilities of driving can get probation or a lower fine. But no one can give guarantee that an individual can face such minor reckless driving in Hanover Virginia penalty. According to the statute, any individual accused of reckless driving in Hanover Virginia faces addition of six demerit points in violator’s driving record at Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. This conviction remains on their record for almost 11 years. On the other hand, if a person is accused of reckless driving in Hanover Virginia, does not possess valid driving license and has caused a fatal accident, it is charged in terms of a class 6 felony, which may charge a person for reckless driving in Hanover Virginia penalty of about 5 years of imprisonment and a fine of $2,500. In this regard it becomes crucial to hire Hanover Virginia lawyer immediately, who can guide your regarding the intensity of the penalties. If the persecution is successful enough to prove that your reckless driving occurs due to the usage of mobile phone, a fine of $250 is added as a reckless diving penalty.

Reckless Driving Conviction in Hanover Virginia  

A   person who is accused of offenses, such as reckless driving in Hanover Virginia penalty, you have right to appeal against the decision within the 10 days of one’s conviction. In this case, your appeal goes to Hanover Virginia court. In this way, your conviction is not reviewed. In this way, a new trial takes its place where all evidences against the person is heard in the presence of a new judge. Here it can be possible that reckless driving in Hanover Virginia penalty lawyer able to plead about your reckless driving charge down to reduce charge of excessive speed driving or improper driving. These two convictions are not included in misdemeanors, and the impact of these charges may result in smaller fines.

Reckless Driving Hanover Lawyer

It is an undeniable fact that those accused of reckless driving confronts reckless driving in Hanover Virginia penalty, which demands one to face harsh imposition of punishments in form of imprisonments and heavy fines. The only solution to get of such harsh realities is to hire an experience Hanover Virginia lawyer. The lawyer will help you to guide about the impact of penalties and ways to tackle case in the trial court.