First time reckless driving in Petersburg Virginia

Reckless driving is thought to be a wrongdoing of high lawlessness all around the world, however when it particularly goes to the Laws outlined by U.S Government, rules wind up noticeably stricter subjecting to this wrongdoing. According to U.S traffic laws the driving act in which an individual is found driving rashly where lives and property of individuals around are imperiled is known as reckless driving. These tenets and controls are dwell in all conditions of United States of America including Virginia. It is known to be a noteworthy intervention even more than that of improper driving as per the laws recommended by the State Government of Virginia. Petersburg is an independent county arranged in Northern Virginia that falls under Commonwealth of Virginia. It takes after relatively same guidelines in regard of driving as rest of Virginia does. Under the light of Virginia code 46.2-862 every person driving on the roads of commonwealth are subjected to reckless driving if:

  • Driving at a speed beyond 20 miles/hour;
  • Driving at a speed more than the limit prescribed; and
  • Driving at a speed which approaches 80 miles/hour.

In case if a man is discovered liable of this wrongdoing is subjected to strict punishments under the light of Virginia Code 46.2-868. The segment expresses that each individual discovered blameworthy of this wrongdoing falls under the classification of Class 1 misdemeanor, where penalties are imposed according to this law. The demonstration is generally rebuffed through detainment, fines and driver’s license suspension. In any case, the accused can contend upon conviction in the court by supporting the position that he or she was driving recklessly however it was not unsafe for oneself and individuals around. Keeping in mind the end goal to manage such concerns one needs a lawful help and support, which must be gained through a specialist lawyer. For such charges SRIS Law Group is here to serve you with best of all what you want and require! SRIS Law Group was built up with an objective to give answer for a wide range of activity charges to the general population blamed.

We have a team of trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can effectively manage such cases, all what you have to do is simply get in touch with us and fix a consultancy arrangement. Serious disciplines are charged for the people involved in traffic accusations, for example, detainment for a specific time frame for a half year or a year. However this will ultimately affect your vocation and other life prospects, therefore in order to spare your life prospects it is encouraged to instantly look for exhortation from any of our experienced lawyers.


Although reckless driving is thought to be an act of extreme wrongness, laws modify a bit for the ones who carry out this wrongdoing for the first time. Each individual discovered blameworthy of this act for the first time is subjected to a discipline of fine up to $1000 dollars or a detainment up to a half year. However, in specific cases (contingent on the complexities) the two disciplines are forced.