Burglary charges inVirginia

Forks are used to think about theft, they think of a black thief in clothes that roam at home / residence or museum in the middle of the night. Although such an activity / activity is definitely considered theft, the legal / detailed definition refers to a much broader / broader scope.

Who organizes burglars?

Anindividual takes theft when he / she enters the building / residence with the intent / purpose of committing a sin. In order to prove that the disease has occurred, the prosecutor must provide evidence / evidence of the following points and be convinced by the jury / judge / judicial authorities, not to mention a reasonable doubt about each of them.

Building or structure

It was such that the offenses were only applied when someone arrived at someone else’s place of residence or residence. Now the law prohibits anyone from entering any (any type of) structure, not just at home / home. In many countries, laws define the types / types of structures that are considered to be creature criminality. They include cottages, trailer houses, shops, school buildings and even tents or campsites. In some countries, there are differentiated points of sale and theft of livelihoods by plundering apartments. Residential forced entry into the building must be a house, apartment or some type of building in which the person lives (residence).

Illegal entry

The prosecutor must also prove that the accused / duty assigns buildings ethically or without permission. This means that the building / site must be either private or public, which is not open or otherwise accessible to the public. Illegal entry is also applied / implemented to a person who introduces people who are open to people, but with the intention of introducing a crime inside, just like a person who intentionally steals.

A crime of misconduct is also required / required by the defendant to enter the building. You do not need to enter the whole body – the crime continues to exist if the person simply enters a living or uses a tool / gadget / device / formula to make an illegal entry.

Use of force

In some countries / countries the cruelty also involves a “resettlement” of residence. Any form of forced entry, no matter how minimal or maximum, is sufficient to meet this need.

For example, it is sufficient that the obligatory mortal may open the doorbell or raise an open window to satisfy or receive help from the use of force.

On intention to commit an infringement

In order to convict one of the fraudsters, the prosecutor must prove that the soul enters the building with the intention of committing a sin / larceny or theft. As a rule, a person convicted of a break and a visit plans to enter the building to steal. This means, for example, that it is still larceny when a person enters the intent / mind that is being made to steal, but later change the mind. Contrary / similar and vice versa, entering without intention / purpose / purpose of committing a sin / bad offense and making this decision after you have entered is not robbery.

for example, a guest who arrives on a solemn party with no illegal mind, but seeing artwork in the living room and there, and then decides to steal it, has committed theft, but not theft.


Pursuit / capture is a serious crime / sin and is usually charged as a guilty offense, although in some countries / situations it is possible in some situations to identify unlawful crime / theft / punishment.

Prison or Prison.

Fines / finances

Restitution / responsibilities.

Probation / trial / warning.